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About us 

Qureta Initiative is a platform that focuses on issues of literacy and the progress of society. We believe that there is a correlation between the literacy rate and the progress of a society.

The higher the literacy rate, the more a society will understand the issues that exist within them. A better understanding will awaken a sense of trust between members of society, raise tolerance and reduce radicalism. 

Founded by Luthfi  Assyaukanie on 10 November 2015, Qureta aims to foster and develop Indonesia’s tradition of literacy by running various activities such as literacy index, writing classes, idea campaigns, advocating issues, writing contest, internships, and research/surveys.


Idea Campaign

As an open platform that is used and accessed by thousands of people, Qureta has become an effective platform to campaign ideas. 



We conduct research in various fields inline with the interests of Qureta Initiative, such fields include digital literacy, online education, digital democracy, and the effect of the internet on people’s behavior.

Writing Classes

Writing classes that are held by Qureta aims to give a chance to anyone that wants to improve their ability to write.